The internals of the Archos Gmini series mp3 players. These parts have been verified to be the same in both the Gmini 120 and the Gmini 220
Hardware Chips
Telechips TCC730
This chip contains the same CalmRISC16 and MAC24 DSP cores as the Samsung S3CC410 (Datasheet) (mirror) the primary difference it the type and amount of memory internal to the chips
A comparison of the features of these two chips

A listing of the CalmRISC16 and MAC24 OP-code formats*. Created while developing the parser used in aostools
A listing of the memory mapped IO* addresses and symbols Created when development began on Gmemu, the Gmini Emulator, which has not yet been released.
* -- The information in these two documents was obtained from the S3CC410 datasheet linked to above, as well as from files included in the publicly avalible download of the CalmShine16 IDE version 1.531 for the TCC730, from Aiji System
USB2.0/ATA/ATAPI: SMSC USB97C202 (Datasheet) (mirror)
RAM: 64 Mbit (8 MB) ISSI Synchronous DRAM (Datasheet) (mirror)
Li-Ion battery: Though it doesn't quite look like the battery in the Gmini, our friends at forum have located a item listing at online retailer that claims it fits the Archos AV320, AV340, AV380, Jukebox Mulitimedia 20, Gmini 220, 120 series
Gmini LCD Graphics fontmap.gif
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