The 80GB Gmini120

Gmini120 firmware Version 1.9.3 showing  76289MB free space.

Gmini180 running firmware Version 1.9.3 showing 76289MB free space. The Archos Gmini120 is an MP3 player/recorder and USB
hard drive. Unfortunately, it comes with a rather smallish
20 GB hard disk. The Gmini120 can be bought for about
US $200, an 80GB drive is still a bit expensive (about $160).

The following 80 GB Toshiba notebook drive was used for this experiment:

Toshiba HDD2188/MK8025GAS Model# HDD2188/MK8025GAS
Capacity: 80GB
Average Seek Time: 12 ms
Buffer: 8MB
Rotational Speed: 4200 RPM
Interface: IDE ULTRA ATA-5

No, I do not own 80GB worth of MP3s.  The 80GB are useful to me because I can now have my other data (backups, pictures, etc)  on my  gmini. The installation was straightforward. Here is what I did:


Filled hard drive with junk (approx 75000MB, copied the same 1GB file to a new file). Took around 6 hours to complete. The Gmini got a bit hot, but it didn't seem to mind. Then copied a test MP3 onto the hard drive and successfully played it back.

The Gmini does not appear to be able to recognize the 2nd or 3rd partition, or, at least I couldn't figure out how to make it see the 2nd partition in a 3 partition test (Primary 2GB FAT32, Primary 2GB FAT32, junk).

Final Words

At this point it is not known whether there are any detrimental long term effects on the battery or any other components. 

Don't do it - your Gmini may die.

You have been warned.

Thanks to Strath for his useful disection pictures and a place to put these pages.

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20040729 tq: using V1.9.3, not V1.10.0.
  added test results
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