(8/22/2001)Posted CNCPTS version 1.7 including full source released under the GNU Public License (GPL)

CNCPTS: "CNC Program Transfer Software"

DOS based, easy to use interface from both the NC operator's and NC programmer's point of view
features include:
* support for up to 4 NC controlers without a switchbox
* easy program selection from a list without having to track down programs
* builds program list from directory structure specified in configuration file
* very configurable including many options for troublesome controlers
* full source included (built with Borland C++)
* remote restarts and rebuilding of the program list over a LAN
* many levels of logging from debug information to fatal errors
* sounds for events

Customization service is avalible, if you need changes or extensions to fit your
needs contact me via E-Mail

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updated Wed Aug 22 10:28:34 CST 2001