Seagate model ST9440AG harddisc from a Compaq laptop

This is a bad 420 MB drive. Thought some of you might find it interesting
drive top The top of the drive.
drive bottom The bottom of the drive/control board.
board top The top of the control board.
foam The foam padding between the drive casing and the control board.
drive minus board The drive casing with the control board removed.
drive minus cover This is the inside of the drive. Note that the disc platters look black because they are a silver mirrored surface and the inside of my scanner is black.
cover minus drive The very interesting insde view of the top cover.
head assembly top The top view of the read/write head assembly
head assembly bottom The bottom view of the read/write head assembly
head stop top The most vital parts of a disc drive. The head travel stops. *grin*
head stop bottom Just in case you were not satisfied only seeing the top of the head stops. Here is a bottom view
discs removed With the disc platters removed, one can see the coils of the brushless DC motor. The motor is very similar to the type one would find in a CPU fan
disc platter It would seem that the disc [s]platters are made of a coated glass. They couldn't quite withstand a three foot drop to a concreate floor initialy accelerated by a hammer & punch *oops*

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